GRID3 technical support 2023-25

Project leads: Attila Lazar, Andy Tatem

Team: Chris NnanatuNatalia Tejedor Garavito, Assane Gadiaga, Duygu Cihan, Edith Darin, Heather Chamberlain, Maksym Bondarenko, Ortis Yankey, Sarchil Qader, Amy Bonnie, Tom Abbott, Rhorom Priyatikanto, Thea Woods, Tom McKeen, Alex Cunningham, Graeme Hornby, Alexandra Frosch

Funding: GRID3/BMGF

Start: Sep 2023
Completion: Aug 2025

Building on successes and lessons learned in previous work with GRID3, we are providing intensive support to GRID3 Phase 2 in Nigeria and the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). We are working to ensure that the benefits of core spatial data innovations are fully realised across the data value chain and supported by a robust ecosystem of government, donor, and technical partners to ensure the impact is sustained.

Our core activity is method development and implementation of high-resolution population mapping, often involving modelling methods for the estimation of population counts in the absence of a national census, estimation of population in unsurveyed areas, or transformation of census outputs into a high-resolution gridded data format. These activities also include high-resolution geospatial covariate production, microcensus sampling design and questionnaire development, model development, data visualisation, and user interface development that enables the stakeholders to easily and timely uptake the project outputs.

We are also developing and delivering GRID3 training materials and curricula on GIS, geospatial analysis, hybrid census, Bayesian population estimation, and ‘R’ programming.

Other project partners include CIESIN at Columbia University and Kinshasa School of Public Health.

Outputs for this project include services in support of GRID3’s work in Nigeria, the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) and throughout sub-Saharan Africa:

  •  DRC: Bespoke population estimates for polio priority and other provinces.
  • Nigeria: Updated bespoke population estimates for entire country.
  • Regional: Gridded population estimates for all of sub-Saharan Africa, harmonised with the v3 settlement extents.
  • Nigeria and DRC: Spatial estimates of displaced persons.
  • Two new training curricula for online course delivery.
Link image: DRC: Immunising Children against Polio by USAID Democratic Republic of Congo, 2011 CC BY-NC 2.0 DEED