WordPop Webinars

Conflict Exposure Calculator - WorldPop Data presentation

February 2024

ACLED Seminar

Exploring smart and flexible approaches to create and update national sampling frame and compute allocated resources

January 2024

IDinsight Seminar

Geospatial data integration for estimating subnational population distributions and dynamics

December 2023

Office for National Statistics, Data Science Campus

Where is everyone? Mixing and matching modelling methods for mapping populations

May 2023

Geopalooza 3.0

CPD56 2023: Factors associated with attending secondary school in Tanzania at United Nations

April 2023

United Nations

GIS Day 2022: Exploring Humanitarian GIS

November 2022

Library of Congress

Combining geospatial data and modelling to understand population distributions

October 2022

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)

Assessing the characteristics of un-/under-vaccinated children in low- and middle-income countries

May 2022

TechNet 21

Modelled Population Estimates

May 2022


Integrating population, displacement and geospatial data in humanitarian emergencies 

April 2022

UNFPA – CPD55 side event

Health Facility Data Analysis: The Key to Improve Local Health Services Monitoring


September 2021

Countdown to 2030

An index to map feasibility of social distancing within urban areas

May 2021


Analysing population data with QGIS

30th April 2021

GIS workshop

Geospatial data, methods and tools

17th February 2021

Countdown to 2030 

Données, méthodes et outils géospatiaux

17th February 2021

Countdown to 2030

AI, Data Science and Global Health

8 February 2021

Duke Global Health Institute

Covid-19 and the Transformation of Migration and Mobility

27th December 2020

International Organization for Migration (IOM) – – UN Migration

Humanitarian Data Exchange, Deep Dive Webinar Series

9th December 2020

WorldPop Gridded Population Datasets.

University of Southampton India Centre webinar

3rd December 2020

Geospatial data integration for mapping population distributions, demographics and dynamics.

University of Southampton 'In Conversation'

2nd December 2020

Pandemic response: Data driven decision making.

Data Stories Symposium 2020

26th November 2020

The power of maps: Combining geospatial data to ensure that noone is left behind.


10th November 2020

Priorities on intl migration and mobilities: Implications of the COVID pandemic and its legacies.

University of Southampton COVID-19 Webinar

6th November 2020

Supporting the pandemic response | How has the University of Southampton stepped up?

SDSN Trends

29th April 2020

Monitoring Health and Well-Being: Strengthening Systems in a Time of COVID-19.

Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data

24th March 2020

Leaving No One Off the Map – A Guide for Using New Methods for Population Estimation.

Bridging the Gender Data Gap and Connecting Data Communities

Mar 27, 2019

Webinar Beyond the Numbers


Andrew Tatem

May 30, 2019

Public Policy Southampton

Public Lecture Series 2018 | University of Southampton


University of Southampton


8th December 2017

Using maps to eradicate disease.

University of Southampton Data Science

18th May 2017

Spatial data integration for mapping progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals.

Royal Statistical Society, Beveridge Lecture

1st July 2016

Mapping progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals.

UN Development Program

30th June 2016

Mapping progress towards Development Goals.

Google Earth

26th October 2015

Development of Earth Engine-Ready Worldwide Human Population Datasets.

Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene

30th March 2015

Mapping mobility for malaria elimination planning.