Thea Woods

Thea joined WorldPop in 2016 to provide GIS support on malaria elimination strategies. She focuses on human migration and mobility, producing open datasets on gender-disaggregated migration movements at subnational scale as well as analysing seasonal mobility derived from mobile phone data. Thea is also involved with GeoData, an enterprise unit at the University of Southampton, where she works on a wide range of commercial GIS projects and delivers GIS training courses.

Thea’s background is in Geography and the use of spatial data analysis to gain understanding of environmental systems and the effectiveness of nature conservation techniques. She completed a BSc in Geography and Nature Conservation (University of Freiburg, Germany) and a MSc in Geomatics (Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences, Germany) with a focus on geographic information systems and remote sensing. In Karlsruhe, Thea gained experience with open source visualization, producing interactive maps of Kenya’s fast shrinking forests through the use of UMN Mapserver, PostgreSQL, PostGIS, PHP and Javascript. In addition, she was the lead GIS analyst for an assessment of the restoration potential of floodplains by taking into account a wide range of environmental and man made factors.

Current projects