Open Spatial Demographic Data and Research

WorldPop develops peer-reviewed research and methods for the construction of open and high-resolution geospatial data on population distributions, demographic and dynamics, with a focus on low and middle income countries.

WorldPop COVID-19 research

Publications and datasets to support the global response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Mapping populations

Integration of geospatial datasets in open modelling frameworks to map population distributions at high spatial resolution and over time.

Spatial demographics

Geospatial data integration to construct open datasets on subnational population age and sex structures.

Mapping development indicators

Geostatistical method development to produce high resolution open datasets on indicators such as literacy, poverty and malnutrition.

Maternal and child health

Research into subnational patterns of key indicators, including births, treatment seeking, service utlization and vaccination coverage.

Population dynamics

Integrating data from mobile networks, satellites, travel schedules and surveys to capture, characterize and map population movements.

What is WorldPop?

WorldPop Country Datasets

WorldPop was initiated in October 2013 to combine the AfriPop, AsiaPop and AmeriPop population mapping projects. It aims to provide an open access archive of spatial demographic datasets for Central and South America, Africa and Asia to support development, disaster response and health applications. The methods used are designed with full open access and operational application in mind, using transparent, fully documented and peer-reviewed methods to produce easily updatable maps with accompanying metadata and measures of uncertainty.


WorldPop Datasets

Open access spatial demographic datasets built using transparent approaches.

[ total 44,745 datasets ]

WorldPop Open Data Repository


This repository provides access to both final products, as well as early experimental results. It also provides a mechanism to link to data portals to ensure updates as improved products become available.


woprVision is an interactive web map that allows you to query population estimates for specific locations and demographic groups from the WorldPop Open Population Repository.

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Our mission

High spatial resolution, contemporary data on human population distributions are a prerequisite for the accurate measurement of the impacts of population growth, for monitoring changes and for planning interventions. WorldPop aims to meet these needs through the provision of detailed and open access population distribution datasets built using transparent approaches.

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WorldPop Research Publications

Latest Publications

WorldPop is a core partner of the Geo-Referenced Infrastructure and Demographic Data for Development (GRID3) program.

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WorldPop Demographics Portal

Global subnational age and sex structured estimates for 2020 obtained through integrating census, microdata and survey datasets in a spatiotemporal modelling framework.


WorldPop Applications

Putting the power of population data into your hands.



The WorldPop Program Application Programming Interface (API) provides researcher and software developers access to WorldPop data.

Connect to WorldPop data's API

Use this platform to spur innovation from other teams and stay on top of the latest technology. Utilizing open standards, interoperability, data, APIs, and code can connect you directly your data's community. Details

WOPR API for developers

The WOPR REST API provides a way for web servers and other computers to communicate with the WorldPop Open Population Repository to submit requests for data and to retrieve results. Details

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