Current projects

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Data for Development

Strengthening the Availability, Quality and Usability of Common Operational Datasets on Population Statistics

GRID3 technical support 2023-25

The fear of “here”: Integrating place-based travel behaviour and detection into novel infectious disease models

WorldPop Global Demographic Data

Phase III of Countdown to 2030

Mapping CIFF’s evaluations globally and mapping progress against key indicators in four countries

Digital technologies to map zero-dose and unreached children in West and Central Africa (Reach the unreached)

Mapping the characteristics of under/un‐vaccinated children (Zero Dose Phase II)

​​Population and SDG indicators by Degree of Urbanisation​ (DEGURBA)

Mapping zero-dose populations: conflict, remote rural, urban poor (Phase II amendment)

Giving Rural Actors Novel data and re-Useable tools to Lead public Action in Rural area (GRANULAR)

Population modelling in support of polio eradication

Monitoring outbreak events for disease surveillance in a data science context (MOOD)

Population Modelling to support Routine Health Planning and Monitoring in Sub-Saharan Africa

Human mobility models to forecast disease dynamics and the effectiveness of public health interventions (MIDAS)