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wpgpDataQPD: A plugin for QGIS 3 that helps users download raster products from the WorldPop Global Project.

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wpgpDataAPD is an ESRI plugin/ArcPy Python toolbox that allows users to download rasters from WorldPop FTP server using ArcMap

  • Package: wpgpDataAPD
  • Type: ArcGIS Addin / Python Toolbox
  • Vesion: 0.1
  • Developed by: WorldPop SDI Team (David Kerr [Main developer], Maksym Bondarenko, Nik Ves and Alessandro Sorichetta)
  • Maintainer: David Kerr
  • Depends: ArcMap 10.1 or higher (ArcGIS Pro currently not supported)
  • Description: ArcMap AddIn button and Python toolbox enabling users to download rasters from WorldPop FTP and add them to an ArcMap session.
  • License: The WorldPop datasets are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

Download the latest release wpgpDataAPD
Installation Instructions