Édith Darin

Édith joined Worldpop in 2018 and is now a Research Fellow to support statistical modelling in the GRID3 project. She is helping to develop Bayesian hierarchical methods for estimation of population spatial distribution from microcensus survey. Her work was applied for the Democratic Republic of Congo and for Burkina Faso for which she is currently the Lead Modeller. Her background is in statistics with a MSc from the ENSAE (France) and in GIS and Remote Sensing with a MSc from the University of Southampton. Her thesis was focused on mapping slum deprivation in Kinshasa by combining on-the-ground survey and geospatial covariates in a latent factor analysis. She previously worked at the UN WFP building methods to tackle statistical biases in remotely collected household surveys designed for nutrition and food security topics.

University of Southampton profile