Dr Attila Lazar

Attila is the Scientific Coordinator on the GRID3 project and a Principal Research Fellow within the WorldPop group. He has a diverse education covering engineering (BEng), environmental sciences (MSc) and aquatic ecological modelling (PhD). Attila worked as a researcher and consultant in the field of river basin management, aquatic ecosystem modelling and implementation of the EU Water Framework Directive for over 15 years (Hungarian, UK and European projects). Attila has worked in the field of integrated analysis and complex system modelling between 2012 and 2018 at the University of Southampton leading the cutting edge integration activities of two large, transdisciplinary research projects in Bangladesh, India and Ghana (ESPA Deltas and DECCMA). These projects aimed to explore the plausible consequences of climate change on people’s lives (livelihood and poverty) and potential migration patterns by integrating bio-physical and social sciences to support national level decision making. Currently Attila coordinates and co-leads with Andy Tatem the technical and research aspect of the GRID3 programme. 

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