Digital technologies to map zero-dose and unreached children in West and Central Africa

Project lead: Attila Lazar 

Team: Chris Nnanatu, Natalia Tejedor-Garavito, Edson Utazi, Assane Gadiaga, Justice Aheto


Start: Sep 2023
Completion: Jun 2024

We are working to adapt and apply innovative solutions based on  frontier data technologies (artificial intelligence, machine learning, novel data science models, and satellite vision) to generate geolocated data that can be used to locate and serve zero-dose and under-immunized children, and support unreached communities in Mali, Ivory Coast, Guinea, Nigeria, Chad and Cameroon. 

Project outputs will be transformative to these countries’ ability to prepare and inform broader health interventions, including microplanning of immunization campaigns, optimization of vaccination sites’ location,  efficiency of distribution, as well as coordination of immunization and birth registration services, policymaking, and calculation of key indicators. 

The overall objective is to inform the expansion of the coverage of immunization and birth registration service delivery, following the SDG principle of leaving no one behind. This solution can also be scaled across programme sectors to estimate and evaluate the coverage of other children’s rights and services, like education.

Project outputs

  • Gridded estimates of population split by gender and age. 
  • Geostatistically interpolated and spatially disaggregated estimates of under-vaccinated and zero-dose children, at the most granular level possible.