Data for Development

Project leads: Ian Coady

Team: Attila Lazar, Chris Nnanatu, Heather Chamberlain, Sarchil Qader, Assane Gadiaga, Aubrey Steingraber, Sada Saxton, Alexandra Frosch

Funding: UK Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO)

Start: Nov 2023
Completion: Mar 2025

This programme is funded through the FCDO’s Global Statistics team and brings together a number of implementing partners working on improving the availability and quality of data for development. As well as WorldPop, other implementing partners include:

In this programme we are working to enhance decision making and accountability by improving the coverage, quality, and use of data for sustainable development. We are engaging with national governments and state-run statistical institutes to strengthen data systems, integrate innovative data, tools, and methods, and encourage a culture of evidence-based decision making.

Our team is supporting national statistical institutes to develop understanding of the value that alternative data sources such as geospatial data and earth observation can have for modernising data systems. We are assisting countries to integrate innovative tools and methods into their official statistics and are working with national statistical institutes on developing the strategic leadership needed to do this.

Project outputs include population modelling and enumeration area delineation delivered through capacity building for key data personnel in Ethiopia, Cameroon, Zambia and other low or middle-income countries. We are also assisting stakeholders in the integration of modelled population estimates into policy making, such as public health interventions, disaster preparedness or service delivery optimisation, at the country level.

Link image: Towfiqu barbhuiya on Unsplash, free to use license