The fear of "here": Integrating place-based travel behaviour and detection into novel infectious disease models

Project leads: Shengjie Lai, Eimear Cleary

Team: Andy Tatem, Alexandra Frosch

Funding: National Science Foundation

Start: Sep 2023
Completion: Aug 2026

The overall objective of this project is to incorporate human behaviour in epidemiological models.

In collaboration with colleagues at Virginia Tech and the University of Wisconsin-Madison, we are assembling and analysing anonymized human mobility data obtained from a variety of sources, including location data from mobile devices and travel surveys. We are also analysing the spatiotemporal patterns of mobility and their seasonal drivers (e.g., climate and socioeconomic factors), and providing relevant findings to incorporate into statistical and computational models of infectious disease transmission.

We are also preparing associated manuscripts for submission to open-access, peer-reviewed scientific journals.


Link image credit: Monday morning commute, Sarajevo, by Erin Johnson, 2015 (cc-by-nc-2.0)