Technical assistance and training on spatial population modelling to support census processes in Thailand - Phase II

Project lead: Chris Nnanatu

Team: Natalia Tejedor Garavito, Assane Gadiaga, Alexandra Frosch

Funding: UNFPA

Start: Sep 2023
Completion: Dec 2023

Building on last years’ successful engagement with the Thailand National Statistical Office (TNSO), our team are providing a further tranche of support and training, comprising initial online training in Basic R programming and GIS skills followed by in-person training in Thailand in GIS and Statistical Modelling Skills in R.

The focus of the in-person training will be to further strengthen the capacity of the TNSO staff on the development and implementation of advanced spatial hierarchical population modelling methods within Bayesian inference framework. The workshop will feature practical exercises on bespoke population modelling approaches and GIS skills as well as co-design and co-development of the various methodological frameworks required to address the population data needs of Thailand. Ultimately, this will lead to the co-production of key population estimates including very detailed population estimates required for the construction of an updated national sampling frame for Thailand in preparation to the upcoming population and housing census in 2025.