wpRFPMS: Outputs

Suggested citation

Bondarenko M. , Nieves J. J., Stevens F. R., Gaughan A. E., Tatem A. and Sorichetta A. 2020. wpgpRFPMS: Random Forests population modelling R scripts, version 0.1.0. University of Southampton: Southampton, UK. 10.5258/SOTON/WP00665

When you run the main wpRFPMS script, some folders will be created based on upon user input parameters. For example, if rfg.input.countries <- c(“BTN”,”NPL”) then you should expect to have the following folders in your project:

Screen capture wpRFPMS folders

 Data directory will contain the folders with the name of the country(ies) and the raster files downloaded from FTP. There will also be an empty “old_popfit” directory and this folder will be used if rfg.fixed.set is TRUE. If TRUE, the user will also be required to copy the popfit objects, that the user would like to use during RF modelling, into this folder.

Output directory will contain files produced by script. All zonal stats calculated by the script or downloaded from the WorldPop FTP will be stored in /output/[ISO-country]/zonal_stats if rfg.input.shp or rfg.input.adminids is used to subset the modelling procedure, then all cropped raster files will be stored in /output/[ISO-country]

Output directory will also have folder with a name prj_[year]_[ISO] . This folder will have the results of the prediction phase of the model and all R objects saved during the modelling process.