Mapping CIFF's evaluations globally and mapping progress against key indicators in four countries

Project leads: Carla Pezzulo

Team: Natalia Tejedor-Garavito, Andy Tatem, Maksym BondarenkoRhorom Priyatikanto, Theo Chan, Tim O’Riordan, Alexandra Frosch, Jacqueline Cox

Funding: Children’s Investment Fund Foundation

Start: Feb 2023
Completion: Jan 2025

Building on our previous work for the Children’s Investment Fund Foundation, where we produced a health and development indicator atlas of India, this project will produce two online atlases. The first will create a new online atlas showing evaluations of CIFF’s charitable work in key low- and middle-income countries, and the second will extend the India atlas to include three other countries. Like the previous project the second online atlas will involve the assembly and harmonization of existing geospatial data relating to key indicators of interest to CIFF,  as well as the development and implementation of models to construct new datasets.

Key project outputs will be:

  • A new online atlas mapping CIFF evaluation results for around 13 countries including Senegal, Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Ghana, Burkino Fasa, South Sudan, Nigeria, Malawi, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and Cambodia for display on CIFF’s website
  • An online atlas mapping between 25 and 30 health and development indicators for India, Kenya, Nigeria and one other country using Demographic and Health Surveys (DHS) and other survey data.